Sunday, 5 February 2012

Theses on Bangalore in Bangalore University

Here is a link to the library section of Bangalore University ; This page contains the theses presented by a few researchers in the field of Geography about Bangalore. There is scope only to the index column and not the entire contents. The fact that Bangalore has been a subject of research for a few learned minds has made me happy ; it was relevant to share it here.

The titles of the theses in question are :

Urban fringe of Bangalore metropolis - Presented by R.Thirunavukaras under the guidance of B. Eswarappa

Bangalore city a study in environment pollution - By Prabhu P under the guidance of  Daksha C Baral

Women's participation in economic persues with special reference to agricultural activities in Bangalore rural district - By Sulochana N under the guidance of Rayamane A.S

Spatio-temporal variation in agricultural development of Bangalore rural district - By Shivamurthy H.N under the guidance of Rayamane A.S

Some aspects of industrial development and migration in Bangalore city region - By Vijayalakshmi V under the guidance of Daksha C Baral

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